Division for Institutional Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring

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The Division for Institutional Planning,Evaluation and Monitoring (DIPEM) is the hub of information-based intelligence influencing the decision-making processes of AG体育. It reflects on issues and analyses data in an impartial and purposeful way to further the goals of a university that it sees as ambitious, 着眼于未来, pragmatic and committed to providing the best possible development opportunities and education for its diversity of students.

DIPEM it consists of three units: Monitoring and Evaluation, Institutional 研究 and Planning and Data 治理. Work in the Division is strongly focussed on data generation, 监测和分析, and the provision of a wide variety of reports and submissions for different stakeholders.

During the period of the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 lockdown, as our work is largely computer-based, most of the plans will continue, although the emphasis shifts to the work that can be done remotely.